Are there ideas that we haven’t listed yet

Are there ideas that we haven’t listed yet?

We are coming up with new ideas almost every day for deploying our solution and we are regularly building and configuring prototypes. We are constantly on the lookout for new business ideas and we would like to assist your business with your mobile data capturing projects! You decide how to handle your data, and we help you make it happen technologically.

We have live deployments of our solution in the fields of Asset Management, HR Management and Logistics. Get on-board and design a solution to fit your business.

We have launched our free Home edition , because we believe that our team can use this product in day-to-day lives. Keep track of some important invoices, delivery notes, board drawings, as well as some official documents, so if we can use it, so as you!

Mobile technology is spreading fast, catch the wave and start utilising smartphones to their fullest potential.